She started fucking me in the ass

Review by: Yerry
Published: 1435790992000
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Sheylla Wandergirlt

I was visiting Sheyla in Estonia. She was very beautiful. It was my first time to take some dick in my mouth and ass. She was very gentle with me. So afterwards when she started fucking me in the ass and same time when she jerked me off i din´t least long. So it took max 5 minut to cum. She was good.

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Very good

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Estonia 25.06.15

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Sheylla Wandergirlt*)

Ist in: Gijon, Spanien
Neueste von 2 Bewertungen: Absolutely fabulous girl in my opinion

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*) Sheylla Wandergirlt ist auch bekannt als: Sheila Wandergirlt

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