She put a condom on and fucked me

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Tahila Ferrari

She was barely there I've been with 3 t girls before, and to be honest, this was the worse of them. Ill start with the good. All in all she looks roughly like the pictures, so it probably is her on the pictures. She smelled of sweat, and not the good kind, I think she had just woken up. Her dick is far from 19cm, more like 10-12cm, not shaved. The above could have been accepted, but she was not really there, she had two phones and they were red hot from all the attention, browsing youtube taking phone calls text messages, the stuff you really don't want being done. For some people it might be a turn on, but really not for me. She put a condom on and fucked me, without lube, was not enjoyable and really turned me off. I left saying it was not really me. I booked an hour but left after 20 minutes, an expencive trip you could say. Not going back there, I felt raped and abused.. Maybe if you are the active one it may be better. You could say I took one for the team.

Did she live up to your expectations?

far from it.

Time and place of the experience

Søborg 1. feb 2016

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Tahila Ferrari*)

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*) Tahila Ferrari is also known as: Alejandra Ferrari and Thaila Ferrari

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