I rimmed her ass very deep

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Yasmim di Biase

I had been looking at Yasmims profile for quite a while, and decided, that I would visit her one day. Today, 29th September 2016 was that day. I called her in the evening and made an appointment with her that very night. 30 minutes for 1000 DKK. After taking a shower and dressing up a little, I took the train to the street she had told me. I had some problems finding the place, since it was a hotel. But it was me who was not looking hard enough, I guess. After calling back and forth for some minutes, Yasmim did come out in the rain to get me – very nice of her! She looked so great that I cannot even describe. The pictures on her profile are great, but she is way more pretty and sexy in real life. Her cock is very big and thick as well. So hot, so feminine, so friendly. She did wear some nice sexy tight pants and some sexy sexy lingerie, which I quickly got off. Her breast are not filled with silicone, but are just nice and feminine. I started by blowing her big fat cock for some time without condom until she got very hard. Then I rimmed her ass very deep, she seemed to like that very much. After that I got deepthroated for a while by her giant cock, She also sucked me without condom, so wonderfull. After that I got a condom on, and I fucked her in doggystyle and missionary very hard. She liked to strike her cock while I fucked her, which made me even more horny. After that I asked her, if she could fuck me. I had only had one shemale cock before (a thai girl, whose cock was medium size, and she didn’t got very deep). I must say that I was a little scared since Yasmims cock is sooo big. She started slowly for like 15 seconds, and it hurt like hell. Then she started going faster and very hard. I needed to bite in the pillow not to scream, but it also felt so good. After fucking me hard for 3-4 minutes Yasmim came in me (with condom). As I write this review I would have loved her to continue, but I must say that I was quite happy that she did finish quickly. I think she could feel that I couldn’t take more, so she hurried up a little – nice of her. After that I asked if I could fuck her again, which I did until I came. Some nice things I also want to point out are that she didn’t ask for the money, I just gave them to her. But she didn’t pay attention to money, alone delivering a nice service. Furthermore her mobilephone ringed 2-3 times as I were there, but she ignored it completely. She is very present and so nice. If I could give 10 starts, I would give her 10.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes 110%

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Tongue kiss and black kisses to her.

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Best shemale experience so far!!!!

Time and place of the experience

29th of March 2016 Vesterbro, København

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