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Yasmim di Biase

Today I want to share my first review in the Forum, specifically Lady Yasmim Di Biase. It's the strangest, but also best experience with a tranny, I've had to date! The day before yesterday I looked on the web for a transvestite in the triangle and my attention quickly fell on Yasmim who was in Maastricht. The photos were great, so I decided to call her tonight. Unfortunately, no one answered, so I went to bed disappointed. Next morning I was awakened by my cell phone - Yasmim had remembered me: shock: - very nice, something I have never experienced before. She sounded very feminine on the phone (speaks no German, but in English, she is a real chatterbox which I now know: D) because I wanted to get the address, she said that she was no longer in Maastricht but now come to Cologne . For me it was even better because I was a student and could travel for free with the train in NRW. : D but she does not know exactly when she would arrive. With WhatsApp we wrote together for a while, I asked for her address in Cologne, and I went towards Cologne last night. When I had entered the train, I had looked twice for Yasmin, I was sure that Yasmim was the same train as me, because I was sitting opposite a lady who looked very much like her: Several times our eyes met, but no one dared to say anything.

In Cologne we both went out of the train, but we lost contact at the station. I went directly to the address I had given and began waiting for Yasmim. (The location is a rental apartment Close to Cologne's main train station, everything is very clean and well maintained) After about half an hour the "woman" from the train came up to the address. I could not help but laugh and Yasmim laughed too, this broke the ice. : Mr Green: I could now be sure that it was Yasmim, I noticed that the photos on the Internet should get a fine, I think she looks even better in reality, she has an incredible charisma and the age also fits! Yasmim wanted to check the place, so I let her have a few minutes so she could enter the apartment. about 15 minutes later, she fetched me at the reception and we went into her room. The location is really nice. She told me she wanted to get ready, offered me a Fanta and pressed the remote in my hand while she retreated into the bathroom. I sat down on the couch in the other room, turned on the television and was slowly gnawed by curiosity (she could spend a lot of time to get ready and take a shower, around 45 minutes but it was worth it: Really :)

She came in a top camisole, stockings and titillating in beautiful lingerie for me, it looked good: Really good: I would just hand the money over (€ 150 agreed for hours), but Yasmim started kissing me gently, and we immediately got in the mood. After a while we moved the game over to the bed and I took her bra off. Her breasts are not large, no implants but looks beautiful and natural, I am more into that: the girl is naked: I throw myself over her breasts and nipples, which she obviously enjoyed. After a while, a very very big bulge on her panties could be seen, and I pulled her clothes down (Looks like 19 cm, above a little thinner, but the stem is thick). I felt a girlfrinendsex mood all the time at its peak, zero time pressure. I only started quite late to paw the dick,: Now I began to suck her and play with her asshole, I could not stop so horny I was: mr green but also good because I enjoyed to spoil her wand. We come not to have sex, I sucked her a while until she came, and she gave me a blowjob and wanked me to orgasm, because I was so horny after this "foreplay" it did not take long before I came. I disappeared into the bathroom and got dressed when I looked at the clock, we were somewhat shocked both of us. We had actually spent two hours, which meant to me that the last train had left Cologne towards (Aachen): shock: I had only 150 € for Yasmim with me, and I still had not paid and would now take a taxi home: bad (for a student the pain of € 150 was already enough)

Since she was hungry, she made herself ready in the bathroom (again forever: D), and we went down on the street to get some food. Of course, I invited her because I saw myself standing a little indebted to her. We had very a pleasant and long Smalltalk until we were back in the apartment and then some more television and continued to talk and we relaxed together for a long time. Finally, I had to go, because the student life returns. Reluctantly, I took a shower and got dressed and we said goodbye. She said that € 120 would be fine, and I think it is the best invested € 120 so far in my life (including the food bill: D)

CONCLUSION: Appearance: 10/10 Character: 11/10 mood: 11/10 Location: 8/10 Overall recurrence risk 100%! This experience is really hard to put into words for me and I hope I have succeeded anyway well done for the first time :)

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