She came in a creamy explosion

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Francys Mutti

I was on holiday in New York, and I was feeling like I wanted some fun, so I hit the backpages, hoping to meet a girl who would be up for a meeting. I contacted Francys after seeing her pictures and confirming on shemalewiki, that she was real. She had time to see me an hour later. So I went to the neighborhood and called her again, was told to wait a bit, so I circled the block and then she was ready, and gave me her adress. I got buzzed in, and when I knocked on her door and she opened the door, I was stunned! By the goods, she was so beautiful and sexy to look at! A toned body, long sexy black hair, big tits, a huge ass to die for and long legs in stilettos. Also she has alot of tattoos and I love that! She doesn't speak good english, but we got it on. I undressed and she took my head and facefucked me for a bit, then she turned me around, on my back, and sucked my dick in a 69. She then got up, asked if I wanted to get fucked, to which I replied "Yes!". She took a condom and lubed up, and started entering my ass, with both my legs begind my ears. She wasn't as gentle as I had hoped, so when I told her to take it slow, as it hurted a bit, she did take it slow for a couple of seconds, and then just plowed away again. It was painful, so I asked for me to fuck her instead, and she obliged. So she went on her back, put on a condom on me and lubed us up, and I got to penetrate her tight ass. I even asked if I could record it, and she had no problem with that, so now I have a everlasting memory of me fucking this gorgeous girl! After some time, I wanted to fuck her in doggy, to see that massive ass bounce, and so I did. I asked for her to cum in my mouth, so she lay me on my back, and rode my dick untill she came in a creamy explosion, and I got everything in my mouth and there was al ot! She asked if I had cum, which I hadn't, so she started sucking me instead, but I asked for me to fuck her in doggy again, and come on her ass, but it was too painful for that after a couple of minutes, so I pulled out, turned her around, pulled off the condom and sprayed all over her neck and gorgeous tits. It was an amazing experience, and I can only recommend to visit her! Only downside was the lack of GFE, and that I had paid for 1 hour, but was out again in 45 minutes. But it was the experience of a lifetime!

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March 2016, New York

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