We kissed, fucked, cuddled, and talked for forever

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Diana Dias

I've visitid Diana Dias two times, first last night on the 21st and again on the 22nd, I was so taken by her generousity.I contacted her via sms, and she answered within 30 minites, we made an appointment for 20 minutes later. When I arrived I had to wait because she had another client, I was early so it was okey. When I finaly got in, what awaited me was nothing short of Amazing. She open the door dressed in a silky robe, her breast flirtig with me. She offered me a shower. When I got out she was waiting in bed, goding with sexappeal. We start with kissing(no tounge) and then move on to her suckande my cock. I've never tried returning the favour. But after we talked for a bit she convinced me to try. And Wow, it made the experience so much better, not just watching. We move on to me topping her, we change position a few times but me being a bit heavy so she got squished and we had to stop. But her commitment to the act was Amazing and I left longing for more. The next day I worked the entire day with a hard on and knew I had to see her again before she leaves for Lissabon next week. i called her up and made another appointment, she answered right away and I went over immediatly. This time it was the perfekt GFE, Diana was affectionate, and conplimenting. We kissed, fucked, cuddled, and talked for forever. I am actually considdering following her to Lissabon.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, and more

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes. Cuddling, kissing.

Comment to the rating

Worth so much more, but five is the limit.

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen, 21st oktober, and 22nd october 2015

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