I did not even have a hard on

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Diana Dias

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hello good afternoon , I just saw on the site that has a very bad review about me and believe it should be someone who is not real , because the comment did not match with the reality that .I would bring forth out of the air and bring forth out my comment site announcement because not think it's fair that someone person can go speak evil of me without any proof . that said I'm not attractive and that you can see my videos and see that he's lying about me. First I did not answer my phone because I was asleep and not because it is impossible to speak with me for call, after this young man arrived at my house I offered my bathroom so he bathed, when he returned he was shit smell on her finger, I believe he stuck his finger in his ass. the smell was really bad. I was embarrassed to tell her to go back to bathe again and decided to continue but the smell was very strong and I could not get a good erection with it. sorry but care for me is very important.

First it was impossible to make contact by telephone. Suddenly she wrote a message, which could be unfortunate if, like me, I want to be discreet about my visit. Then the whole dialogue of address etc. Were made via text. When I get up in the apartment, she starts by apologizing that she had made NOTHING out of herself. Clothes, makeup, etc. She looked like someone who had just woken up. The intercourse was very cold. No kiss, while only doggy style, since we could not change position since she could only do this if I was COMPLETELY clean in the anus! I paid the extra for that she would ejaculate, which lasted 20 minutes. of the half-hour I had bought since she had difficulty with this. All in all it was very cold and she was not particularly engaging. I did not even have a hard on and did nor even come, due to the absence from her side.

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October 2015 - Copenhagen

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Diana Dias*)

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*) Diana Dias is also known as: Daiani Dias

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