My ass opened and she plunged in deep

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Diana Dias

I met Diana on 03 July. The arrangement were very simple and straight forward. I arrived at here flat and she was very sexy white lace and heels. She showed me to the shower and said she would wait on me in bedroom. When a came into the bedroom she was semi-reclined on the bed, naked, with legs spread. She beckoned me with a finger and sultry smile and I joined her lying between those outstretched legs. I kissed her tits as she rubbed my hair and began to push head down - her cock was growing against my stomach. Her patience ran out when forced my mouth on her dick and started the skull fucking. Soon her legs were wrapped around my head and her cock was jammed down my throat. She took great pleasure in making me gag. She some how managed to keep her cock in my mouth while positioning us into a 69 with her on top. More intense deep throat fucking followed. I was gasping for air when decided it was time to use my other hole. She slid off me and put me on all fours. She was rock hard and too big for me, then came the poppers. She gave me a few sniffs and the room starting spinning. My ass opened and she plunged in deep, hard, and fast. She grabbed my hips tightly and thrust her hips against my ass. I could only handle a few minutes of that brutality. She stopped and sat on my face rubbing her ass, balls, and cock across my mouth. She came on my face, neck, and chest and then lightly slapped her cock on my mouth.

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She was not passive at all - not sure if that is possible :-).

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Tongue kissing would send this over the top.

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Brussels 03 July 2015

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Diana Dias*)

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*) Diana Dias is also known as: Daiani Dias

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