Pushed her cock in my tight arse

Review by: tsloverman
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Tia Star

I arrived at the apartment and was greeted by Tia looking as beautiful as her pictures ,very pleased indeed to see Tia in her sexy underwear, followed her sexy arse to the bedroom and got the business side of things out the way and I went for a shower came back to the bedroom to find Tia topless I kissed her breasts and nipples as Tia stroked my hard cock, I sat on the bed and sucked her beautiful cock then we knelt on the bed fondling each other pressing our cocks together and wanking each other, I lay back on the bed legs in the air as Tia lubed me up and pushed her cock in my tight arse easing it in slowly as I have not had a lot of anal, once Tia's lubed cock had eased my arsehole open she started to gently sliding in and out with short thrusts working her cock deeper into me ,Tia then grabbed my semi erect cock and started to fuck me vigorously as she wanked my cock until I sprayed my cum all over the place, fantastic, went and had a shower which Tia did not mind at all very hospitable and accommodating, would love to see Tia again when she comes back round to Birmingham.

Did she live up to your expectations?

More than lived up to my expectations, not too experienced and was taken in hand and shown a good time .

Did you get anything not on the menu?

just her pleasant personality.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I got what was on the menu.

Comment to the rating

I have been with all sorts of escorts and have come to the conclusion that shemales' are the horniest feckers on the planet

Time and place of the experience

I booked one hour in an apartment in Birmingham and everything was spot on

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