The feeling was incredible!

Review by: Juha
Published: 1410122840000
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Tia Phoenixx

Tia came to Finland a week earlier and I tried to meet her, but she had to go to Tampara and Turku before returning to Helsinki. I had read her reviews and also noticed that the pictures were spectacular, I decided that i had to meet her, as soon as she came to Helsinki. The meeting was easily arranged. The only problem was that I was actually told to meet her at the hotel, but on the wrong side of the building and therefore meeting was going to be difficult , and I was afraid that she would no longer receive me. The fear was unfounded, and I found the right address, and I got to the door where I was greeted by the sight of the pretty lady who gave a warm welcome from the start and immediately kissed me. We took care of the practical things, and we began to get better acquainted with each other. she wished to get her nipples squeezed and kissed and I did not have anything against that. She was not in a hurry,and took my cock between her lips and wanted to suck and kiss it, I also tried taking her cock in the mouth, and to me the third time I did that was the best. in the end she came on me, and then she got my dick inside her. The feeling was incredible! and at the same time I saw her stunning face as she rode me, and at the same time I got to squeeze the lovely nipples, after we were done she moved next to me and we talked. an amazing experience and the next time she comes to Finland I will absolutely be there to meet her again.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, absolutely

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

no, the service matched what she had promised and even a little bit more

Time and place of the experience

04.09.2014 Helsinki

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