My hard cock slid ever so easily into her

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Tia Phoenixx

This was my first experience so I was quite nervous. I looked at her website and was instantly turned on by her appearance. When I read her website and reviews, I was certain she was the type of girl I wanted to have my first experience with. Finally I decided to speak up and ask about seeing her. She was very understanding and put no pressure whatsoever on me. She seemed to understand my trepidation and her voice and how she responded immediately put me at ease. She directed me to the bed and asked if I needed help getting undressed. I accepted her invitation and she slowly helped me off with my shirt, pants, shoes and socks. She then asked me if I wanted her to help me off with my underwear and, of course, I accepted the offer. I felt her hand brush against my cock as she took them off. I then offered to help her off with her clothes, and she was very receptive to my offer. She asked me what I wanted, and I started with a massage. I laid on the bed and she began to rub my shoulders, back, arms, rear and my legs. She then began to rim my ass, and at first I thought I would cum right there and then.

She seemed to know exactly when to slow down so I would not cum too early. I surely appreciated her for that. I then asked if we could cuddle for a while. She had no problem whatsoever with this request. I turned over and she slid comfortably into my arms. Her kisses were incredible and she appeared comfortable cuddling with me. I know I was in seventh heaven. Her hands went up and down my body. She began to stroke my cock, and I was not sure how long I could hold out. She again seemed to know exactly how to maximize my time with her. Her lips went down my body and then I felt them on my cock. She was incredibly sensual and she knew exactly how far to go with me. She then slowed me down again so I would not cum too quickly. She looked into my eyes and asked if I wanted her to top me. I had never done that; so she knew I was nervous, but I accepted her offer. I felt her hard erect cock slide into me, and I never felt a sensation like that before. My head was spinning, and I can not adequately describe the feeling going through me. She cummed inside me, and I can honestly say it was an incredible feeling. She slid herself out of me and she knew I was totally ready to top her next. She slid under me and my hard cock slid ever so easily into her. I must have cummed in a matter of minutes as I had never been so turned on. I could tell she enjoyed my cumming into her; although I think I enjoyed it so much more. When I was done, she slid back into my arms, and we cuddled for a few more minutes.

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she did much more than i expected she would

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I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect. Tia was incredible, and I do hope she returns sometime soon. I would definitely see her again. I hope next time to spend a night with her. She is beautiful, sexy, intelligent and all that I could ever want in a woman. Plus I could tell she loves what she does and made me feel like I was the only man in her world. I recommend her to anyone who wants an experience that I doubt could be replicated with anyone else.

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Århus August 2014

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