Asked to be dressed in kinky clothes

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I was visiting her for the second time, did not know that it was the second time I'd see her. Her face is like the pictures, but the body is not as slim as the pictures. She is a bit of a funny girl, she is best at speaking Spanish, which I'm not. Both times I have visited, have been right after dinner time, she has just been tired both times. I called her to inquire if she was on and ready, which she said she was, so I drove to her and got the address 20 minutes before I arrived (she had some big problems with pronouncing it, so she hung up in rage with a few words in Spanish,

Here I ought to have driven home again, but hornyness had got the upper hand. I had found the address in here. Both times I have asked to be dressed in kinky clothes and a little extra of her dildos. she has only one dildo which is the Size of an arm, she does not allow guests to come and get dressed or played with the rest of her stuff. (it's not because I'm in big with a BMI of just over 25) But I did get cock after having reminded her that I had paid for an hour where she was supposed to be active, so in the end I got what I came for but the pleasure was lost a little

Did she live up to your expectations?

Her face and size of the cock is not Photo-shopped. The place Skærbækvej 12 is nice and well decorated and there is not the sour smell which you otherwise can find around the brothels, there is also a shower you can use.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Spanish words that seems to be rude remarks

Comment to the rating

I will only give it 4 stars. maybe they should not be open 24 hours, so there could be room for exercise and time to be rested and ready for a day with the services that may be required. For 2000 kr. an hour then one must ask of them to provide the service you pay for.

Time and place of the experience

Jutland 2014

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