I could not sit for 3 days

Review by: Gianvi
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TS Man Rammer

We met in Geneva. My first time as passive. She convinced me... and boy what an experience. She fucked me harder than I ever thought possible.

First: she is gorgeous. Like drop dead gorgeous. The pictures really do not make her justice. She is nice and smiley. She envelops you in such a nice and kind way that she would convince you to do anything. And she kisses like no one else. She entered very slowly... it hurt a bit because she is surprisingly big for someone so petite. And she knows exactly what to say at the right time. She started pumping slow... then increased the tempo...then slow again. She said I was tight but she would take care of it. And she did.

She put me to missionary. Then doggy. Then spoon. Then missionary again. She not only fucks you. She grinds and rotates and hump and I dunno what kind of other motion she does... but she does it very good. She screwed my brain really. I Had two massive orgasms while she was fucking me WITHOUT touching me. Amazing.

Would I recommend her? Uhm no if it is your first time and your pain tolerance is low. It did not hurt while doing it but she really destroyed my ass. Again and again. She said I won't be tight after her... And boy is it true. Would have loved to visit her again but I could not sit for 3 days. And then she left.

Did she live up to your expectations?

I went there to fuck and suck her and ended up with being fucked like a slut. And then fucked again. So no - she did not live up to my expectation. She desyroyed them together with my ass.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Difficult to say. She had her way with me. I was the menu :)

Comment to the rating

Unexpected. But perfect.

Time and place of the experience

Geneva November 2015.

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