Fucking me in every imaginable position

Review by: TSlovingIrishman
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TS Man Rammer

My first time with Man Rammer was short so I went back for a second time & made sure it was an hour, because half an hour was just not enough. She's very small, slim, feminine & pretty but as soon as she goes to work, she's dominant all the way. She kissed me, which was a real turn-on, her wearing her kinky underwear as in her pictures & her package tucked away securely. But as soon as she had me on the bed, she pulled it out & told me to give her the blowjob of her life. I did my best, and she told me what she wanted - no hands, just my mouth, and I'd have to learn to deep-throat her if I wanted to please her... So I did. I choked on her cock (not too big, very hard, and big enough to choke on for sure). She face-fucked me hard, and I started to love it more than I'd ever loved sucking a cock before - then when she felt ready, she turned me over for the fucking. After that it all goes into a blur. She commented on my tight asshole as she slipped in, and the rest of the hour was a rodeo, with her fucking me in every imaginable position. I begged for mercy a couple of times - the first time she allowed me to take a break, and to go back to sucking her, but the second time I started to feel I couldn't take it, she was building up to her orgasm & she didn't listen to me. I was just being hammered by her cock, could feel her balls slapping against me, and could hear her breathing go out of control. She said she was starting to cum & I turned to catch it all on my face & chest. It was hot & thick, and I felt very happy to have given her a massive orgasm even if she had to destroy my asshole to do it. Then she caught her breath, and asked me if I wanted to cum - I thought I should give her some of her own medicine, and fuck her. She agreed, and sucked me beautifully (covered) til I was rock hard. But if I wanted to make her suffer, I was not up to it - she let me fuck her but the first time she said "Shoot your load in me, baby", I was so turned on I just shot off. I doubt any man could match Man Rammer's powerful pumping action anyway.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Oh yes. In every way.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

No but I wasn't looking for anything more.

Time and place of the experience

Dublin, Ireland 2015

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TS Man Rammer

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