She was so nice and tight

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TS Man Rammer

I met her first time in March, and was really looking forward to seing her again. So when I saw she was comming to Oslo, I had to see her again. I Picked her up at the bus station one friday afternoon in August. Drove to an apartment in the city centre. And after a litlle trouble finding the room, we finally came inside. She is so beautifull and sexy. I love that she smokes. Makes her more sexy to me. And she has an attitude that drives me crazy as well. But the main reason for seing her is her skills with her perfect cock. And combine that with her tight fit body, one can have great fun. We kissed long time before she ordered me to undress. She looked at me before undressing herself. We kissed some more. Lay in the bed. Suck my cock she ordered. I could see that the kissing had some effect, but once she put it in my mouth it really showed its tru personality. It grew stiff and proud. Its quite big, perfect size. She mouns. Talks dirty to me. Gucks my mouth. Becomes really eager. We kiss passionately in between, making it feel like a porn movie. Turning me on like hell. I know why u dirty filthy boy want to see. You want me to fuck your ass. Yes i admitted a little shy. It was true. She took out some poppers. Try this she said. I had never tried it before, but I trust her. And it made me even more horny. She lubed her cock and fingered my ass stretching it a little. Then she entered me. And i rememered why i came. She is big, but manages to enter with such consideration that it didnt hurt. She cintinued lubing me and staryed fuckung me doggy. It felt so nice and dirty. Spanking me. Talking firty. Fucking me harder and sexy.....she lay ,e on my back and continued to fuck me. Jerking me off at the same time. Kissing me. I was so difficult not to cum.......she kept at it for at least 30 mins. Before i asked if i could fuck her. She was so nice and tight. And her bum is perfect. I came in the condom in her ass. Then she lay me on my back jerking off her stiff cock cumming on my neck and face. Wow. She had so much cum. Incredible. And so warm. She really looked content cumming. Wanted to suck her clean......thanks again. see you next time. Would give 6 stars if possible.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, yes and yes

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Dont think so

Time and place of the experience

Oslo 2015

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TS Man Rammer

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