I could feel her hard cock inside me

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TS Man Rammer

Met her at the Helsinki center, she had had a bad encounter with another client, and did not want to meet at her appartment. What a lovely lady she is... I loved to watch her getting undressed... just loved that round perfect ass and firm b-size tits. And then she slipped the panties away, and wau... there was the just perfect sized stick of hers... I could not resist touching it and got fast undressed myself as well... wanting to taste the lollipop of hers ;) we then had a delightfull 69 where I felt her cock getting hard as I sucked it... well I was hard already before we got to the 69. I had been with a shemale once before meeting her, but at that time only been active myself... now my dream was to have her cock ramming my virgin ass... which she loved to... I warned that I was inexperienced and she promised to be gentle... she prepared my ass with fingers first and then set her cock gently at the hole... and penetrated me slowly... huh, that was jus awsome, I could feel her hard cock inside me and she started slowly fucking me... getting even harder all the time, as she increased the speed... she fucked me deep, sometimes a bit too deep, but I was in such an extasy that I did not care... just wanted to have more of her... and I did, in many positions, until she finally came while still inside me in doggy position... I could feel her cock pulsate inside me... wau... After this it was my turn to fuck her... even though she had just come, she was horny getting my cock inside her... and my cock is not exactly the smallest one :), her ass felt as good as her cock had felt before and after fucking her in various positions, I finally came on top of her beautiful ass... After this she offered me a cup of tea, and we discussed for a while, and I ended up offering her a snack dinner still as it was pretty late, so I assume we spent a lot of overtime together ... thanks!

Did she live up to your expectations?

absolutely and much more

Did you get anything not on the menu?

yes, this is a small secret between her and me :)

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

no she did not

Comment to the rating

Absolutely stunning experience, and lovely lady, that is not only sexy but also very intelligent and fun company. Looking forward to seeing you again as you visit Finland!

Time and place of the experience

February, Helsinki

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TS Man Rammer

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