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Malena Bella

Well, I met her on February 28 and it was my first time with a Shemale. We texted the day before and we agreed on meeting the next day. I Texted her and got the directions for her place and I was on my way. I met her downstairs as she was doing some shopping and I almost arrived on the same time she was back so she welcomed me and we went up to her place together. She is amazing, she offered me a drink and we started talking about lots and lots of things. She is very interesting, can initiate good and interesting conversations and she isn't a clock watcher at all as I defiantly stayed much longer than the time we agreed on. Finally, she invited me to her bedroom and once we entered she told me she is so horny. Hearing that, I was rock hard myself. I undressed and she took off her clothes and pushed me on the bed. She came on top of me and put her cock which was rock hard in my mouth and I sucked it. It was my first time so different thoughts went through my mind but the main thing was that it tasted nice. She then went on sucking me for a while and man, what a feeling, heaven. While we texted, she told me that she is more top and I had no problem with that as I wanted to try being bottom. She asked me if I was ready and I said that I was. she put me on my back, raised my legs and went on rubbing her cock between my ass cheeks. She kept rubbing it and I was touching her body and boobs and my god she has very soft and beautiful skin and body. I was worried that she would enter me without a condom and as if she read my mind she told me not to worry as she is not going to fuck me without a condom. She got a condom and lube and started to lube her cock and my ass, raised my legs on her shoulders and started to push in. It hurt, she told me that I am so tight and she can't believe how tight I am. She kept pushing until suddenly she was in. She fucked me in missionary position while looking in my eyes and french kissing me. Suddenly the pain evaded and I felt only pleasure. She kept fucking me for a while and although my ass kept pushing her out, as she said, she was persistent and kept on pushing in till I finally could take her all in and man, it felt amazing. Suddenly, she asked me if i want to fuck her and I said yes i do. I lay on my back and she rode me while playing with her cock and kept riding me in the cowgirl position and suddenly she put her cock in my mouth and exploded in my mouth and it was my first ever cum to taste and honestly, it tasted sweet. After she finished, she asked me if I wanted to cum and as I said yes, she lay on her side and I went beside her and fucked her beautiful ass for a while before we changed to doggy style where I continued to fuck her sweet, hot and tight ass and back to the side by side position till I came while I was inside her. We lay in her bad for a while and talked a little before I went to take a shower, get dressed, kissed her good bye and wished her a good night.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Indeed, More than my expectations. She is amazing, kind, charming, elegant and sweet.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes, Time, Drink and getting to know an amazing personality.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, she denied me nothing. She is just a dream coming true

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She Deserves 100 stars not just five.

Time and place of the experience

Dubai, 28 February, 2016

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Malena Bella

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