She quickly became horny and her cock was huge

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Avelyn Love

Met Avelyn at her place. Cosy reception with hugs and kisses. We settled up and we started to undress each other. Naked we lay on the bed and she sucked me. She quickly became horny and her cock was huge. Not long but thick. I sucked her properly and liked it. She asked if I wanted to be fucked and I said yes with some hesitation. She lubed me properly while she sucked me. It was not easy to get her cock inside but after a while it was sitting there. It hurt. Slowly, she began to fuck me to later increase the pace. It felt as if I would crack, but at the same time wonderful. She took off the rubber and sprayed me in the face and mouth. I sucked her dry. She sucked me and I came in her mouth. We were talking for a while afterwards. I felt my soar ass for several days afterwards.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Absolutely. More than expected.

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She is worthy all the stars!

Time and place of the experience

Stockholm December 2015

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Avelyn Love*)

Is in: Stockholm, Sweden
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*) Avelyn Love is also known as: Jennie and Misstie

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