Had my cock deep in her throat

Review by: Johnny Tslove
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Sandra Farrera

Visited Sandra in Bergen, was met at the door by a sexy smiling girl, we started to kiss and cuddle with each other, and it did not take long before she had my cock deep in her throat, I tipped her delicious cock out of her underwear, It was long and thin, so it was perfect for me, yum, we ended up at 69, a wonderful experience. She asked if she could fuck me, it was dogstyle, spoon, riding, and a bunch of jobs I've never tried before, she asked me to fuck her in the same way. Then I fucked her between her tits while her blonde hair hang down over my cock, she bent down and licked the cock head so softly- Then she put my cock in and almost rode into the sunset, while I leaned forward and licked her cock, amazing, she crawled forward on to my chest and drove her cock deep into my neck, and after a few seconds I got a wonderful splash over my face and in my mouth, I love hot latina cream. She started sucking me something amazing, and I had to ask her to take it easy so I do not come in her mouth, she asked me to give her a facial, and I really was in heaven when I squirted her with cream. We took e lovely shower, and afterwards there was another round of the lovely sex, two wonderful hours in Paradise.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, this is my best experience with a ts girl, she was gentle and kind, easy to talk to, mostly spoke Spanish, she had a wonderful twinkle in her eyes that melted my heart, I fell in love with ho I look forward to the next meeting with Sandra.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes, she gave me permission to everything I asked for

Time and place of the experience

24/6- 2014 Bergen Norway

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*) Sandra Farrera is also known as: Astrid Farrera

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