Nice pain in the ass and tears in my eyes

Review by: Dieter
Published: 1406690728000
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Cleo Ambrosio

I visited her in Frankfurt not to long ago. She is absolutely stunning and quite nice, but She definitely knows how super hot she is. I paid her and we started talking about what she offered and what I wanted, no kissing unfortunately and nothing without rubber, We started the session and She got hard straight away. She asked if I wanted to fuck her or to be fucked. I said I would like to get fucked and She asked what position I wanted. I wanted to ride her cock because she is really big. It hurt and I began to doubt if I could actually go through woth it, but she encouraged me and really seemed to want to fuck me. I managed to get her inside me and although it hurt quite a bit it felt really good at the same time and we kept on for a while, which really turned med on.. Now I was ordered on all fours by the edge of the bed and she started to squeeze it in, I am farely tight so it hurt again but she told me to relax, she put on more lube and really rammed it in. It hurt but felt fantastic at the same time. She fucked me hard while she had one hand on my hip and the other grabbed my neck from behind and held it tight. How I loved to stand there and get well and truely used by her. I had a nice pain in the ass and tears in my eyes. She told me to lie on my back on the bed with my legs in the air and then she stuck her big cock all the way inside me again and fucked me furiously until I could tell that she was going to cum. I told her to keep fucking me and cum inside me which she did. After she had cum in me i took her cock in my mouth and sucked on it and her balls while I masturbated until I came in a fantastic roar. Her body is super feminine tight ass and great legs. We took a shower together and chatted for a short while before I left with a huge smile on my face and a very soar ass. She is a great fuck if you like it hard and rough like me.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes absolutely and much better than her reputation.

Comment to the rating

An absolute must see if you like to get fucked hard.

Time and place of the experience

Frankfurt 2014 Germany

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