My best experience ever with a TS

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I had my best experience ever with a TS in Tollhaus Thursday the 2nd of May 2011 around 12 noon. I´m a 33 year old good looking guy from Denmark and was with some friends in Harz on a motorbike tour. Early morning Thursday the 2nd my friends left me because they had to go home, but I had to meet with some other friends later in Kassel that day around 16:00 hour. I knew there was a lot of hot TS-girls in Germany, so I searched the internet via my phone and I found Tollhaus in Hannover from I called to Candy Star and spoke with her if she was available around 12 noon. She said yes and I was getting ready at the camping site I was staying at with a bath and cleaning myself, though it was a little bit difficult in shared bathroom:)

Then I was driving with very high speed to Hannover on my motorbike and found the Tollhaus. I entered the house and walked the stairs. First door was Candy Star but it was closed. I looked up the next set of stairs and saw Katharinas door opened with her naked and her big cock flashing my eyes. That was an amazing sight. I smiled to her and started walking up the stairs to her asked her if she was available? She said yes. I asked about price and she said 50 euro. I didn’t have much time before I should meet with my new friends in Kassel, so I agreed and entered the door which she closed after me. I paid her and asked if I could use the bathroom because I needed to pee. She said of course and I did what I needed to do. In the meantime somebody called her on her mobilephone (customer) and she was talking on the phone when I came out from the bathroom.

Without asking her I kneeled down and put her nice soft big cock in my mouth. While she still was talking on the phone I felt that her cock was growing in my mouth. Finally she ended the call and I could feel that she was turned on and she started to fuck my mouth I never tried this before. She gaged me with her now fully grown huge cock and I was proud to take it all in my throat, although I had trouble keeping away the vomit feeling and holding my breath when she hold my head steady for 5-10 seconds or more, with my nose squeezed in her belly but I did the best I could. After a while she kneed on her bed with her ass in the air and asked me to lick her ass. I undressed and did what she commanded while I was jerking her off and myself at the same time as I licked her beautiful ass. Sometimes I slide a finger in her lovely ass which I would like to fuck one day. I realized we never had discussed what services I wanted and perhaps she thought I wanted to fuck her.

Without saying anything I laid on my back on the bed and put her big cock in my mouth again. Then she started to fuck and gag my mouth again big time. So much that I needed to focus of keeping my lips off, so they wouldn’t get hurt between her big cock and my teeth. I really needed to open my mouth as much as I could so she had free entrance in my mouth. Though she hurt my nose a little with her stomach because all full size of her very hard cock was slammed in deep in my throat I really enjoyed and I jerked my cock while she gaged me. At a time where she gave me a small break I asked her if she would like to fuck me. She said yes and gaged me again, but now starting to warm up my ass with lubricate and her fingers. When my ass was ready she asked me to kneel in front of her with my ass facing her. Teasing me with her cock around my ass I asked if she had a condom. Very shortly after a condom was put on her big cock and it was deep inside me.

What a amazing fucker she is. She fucked me so good and deep while I was holding my cheeks. At this point I was already ready to cum, but I tried to hold back. After a while I turned on my back and she started to fuck me again. With me moaning I was so ready to cum, but would wait for her to cum with me. But then I thought maybe she couldn’t because of earlier services, so I asked her if she wanted to cum while fucking me. She said no and that I should cum. She didn’t have to tell me that twice. While her fucking me in missionary position and me jerking off myself I came in an explosion on my stomach. When my huge orgasm started to fade away she was still fucking me and I had to tell her to step down:) I thanked her so much for a nice fuck and asked if I could take a shower. She told me yes and found me a towel.

I showered and began to put on my clothes. I told her again how good fuck she was and she told me that guys like me made what she do so much enjoyable. I smiled and really liked to stay and chat, but I was in a hurry to catch up with my friends in Kassel. So I told her goodbye and kissed her on her lips:) Jumped on my bike with a nice and relaxed feeling in my ass and speeded with 270 k/ph. to the camping site in Harz to pick up my baggage and then to Kassel. Thinking of it, she never sucked or even touched my cock during the play and we never kissed, but she put me to heaven and back again 10 times without doing that.

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Black kisses

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Didnt ask. Just Went Wint her and the flow.

Time and place of the experience

Hannover 2nd of May 2011 Germany

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