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Vanessa Kosta

For me, a visit with a shemale is something that requires a little preparation. We probably all know this desire prior to a date to verify things such as: 1) pictures are real, 2) the reviews have been good, and 3) to the selected shemale finally located in the geographical area. I had for some time been looking closely at Vanessa Kosta and "investigated" reviews of her in various forums. And since she has been active since 2005, one can find more than just a few of these reviews around the Internet. Some of these reports were less positive, but with already three five-star reviews on this shemalewiki, and in addition no fewer than 37 out of 37 stories with top characters on the site, I chose to feel secure enough to make a date with Vanessa. But I had much to learn. And then just a quick side note about the price level in Germany (where Vanessa permanent residence): typically costs an hour with a shemale € 150, - (sometimes a little more due. Surcharge for additional services). Vanessa's prices start at € 200, - for an hour (and this without anal sex at all). For anal sex to be included the cost is up to € 300, - (one hour). Vanessa is in the expensive end of the scale. But never mind provided the quality matched the price! The meeting with Vanessa were booked days in advance, and then I went to Berlin on one of the last days of September.

I was well received by Vanessa in her apartment. It is - as others have described - large and super well maintained. So is Vanessa. well maintained! She looks exactly like the pictures and the outlook for our fun on the sheets was therefore high. € 300 - changed hands and it was time for a quick shower. 15 minutes later I was ready. And here it started to go wrong: Vanessa commented three times why I had spent such a long time in the toilet while she cleaned up out there. Why it bothered her so much I do not know it would turn out that she still lets all the time spent in the bathroom/toilet be included in the agreed hour. In other words, the customer pays. I chose not to say too much because it would just spoil the good mood. With me lying on the bed Vanessa came finally into the bedroom (wearing only girdles). I had previously mentioned to her that I wanted to be passive and start with a short relaxing massage where the erotic atmosphere is slowly being built up. For the same reason I never book less than an hour as it may be a little too "heads-on" for my taste. Vanessa wants me in standing position where we start to cuddle and hug. It goes on for 3-4 minutes time. Then I gently bring up the topic of an initial massage again. My desire is swept away with the comment "later" and that "I can not fuck you from behind if you lie down".

Then it was time to Vanessa had to get hard. For those who want to know, her equipment is not 23cm (as it is advertised in her many ads). At best, the length is probably more about 16-17cm. But more important is the fact that she was only 3/4 hard. The subsequent intercourse with me as the receiving party was therefore less successful. It was not much better that it was all in the one position and it was over in about 4-5 minutes - after which Vanessa, to the best of my knowledge, fakede an orgasm (the condom looked empty ...). Then it was my turn and I was finished with the hand (and a finger in the bum). All-in-all the whole palaver was over in max. 15 minutes. Quite sad that Vanessa does not try to adapt it to the time the customer has booked. Then I was offered something to drink. I refused because I did not want anything. She leaves me nonetheless and comes back a short while later and it was clear that now the rest of the time would be spent with small talk. I just would have left but ended up giving her a massage since she repeatedly complained about a bad back (her breasts are too big, she says - and she may be right!).
Exactly one hour after I had entered the door Vanessa got up from the bed. I was not offered anything (because the time had passed and the toilet apparently was included in the paid hours). Moreover, a new client soon be there, she explained. So I was sent to the streets soaked in the smell of her perfume instead. All in all an unsatisfactory experience - especially when you consider that Vanessa is a so-called high-class escort / prostitute. Sad treatment. On the surface Vanessa has a friendly personality but it is clear that she also is pretty self-obsessed and wants that everything must be done in exactly her way. Now, any review of course comes with a certain amount of self-criticism. I can certainly understand her desire to the customer - in this case, me - is not so great if you are old, half-bald and fat (and show up in a worn jogging set). It's just not the description of me (who is in my prime - and athletic). For purely practical information I can mention that Vanessa speaks Good English (if any despite my review would want to visit her).

Did she live up to your expectations?

No. She did not grant my simple desire to open the session with a massage of me lying on my stomach. She could neither provide a full erection why intercourse with me as the recipient was bland. In addition, the scheduled time over 15 minutes.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Vanessa Kosta runs with several prices for one hour. I saw no list and it was not made clear what I could get. It also do not matter when Vanessa obviously like just wants the session over as soon as possible.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Yes: I was refused massage. In return, she did not mind that I massaged her on her back!

Comment to the rating

Behave unprofessionally (her high-class shemale role considered): she asked if I had not had a bath for morning since I had spent 15 minutes in the toilet. Tjaa, what should one respond to such a comment ??? And when I gave her five drops of massage oil (instead of two) on her back for the massage this was also commented (though she still had to subsequently ask). When I was on the way out the door, she comes walking with a white pillow which she asks if I know what type of wash such a pillow can tolerate. Oh boy. such lack of situational awareness you actually have to search for. And finally, it must be said that I was not offered a shower after the session (and it was obvious that I was not to ask for it - "new customer on the way" was said ...).

Time and place of the experience

Berlin. September 2015.

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