I pushed slowly into her tight ass

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Vanessa Kosta

I was in Berlin in the summer of 2011. Was at the time fascinated by ladyboys and shemales. So I visited a club for transsexuals in charlottenburg. Ordered a beer .. and shortly after came a sweet ladyboy and sat beside me. It was pretty empty at the bar, and maybe therefore she started kissing me. She wanted me to go to a room so we could be together. But I was more interested in a tall mulatto in the back of the room. That she could feel, then suddenly she had found my dick and started sucking it rock hard and big. It was great. But I had decided that I should try one with huge tits that night. Just before I came into the mouth of the sweet ladyboy, I took my dick away, and with some hassle I got it into my pants again .. Said goodbye and left.. It was getting late and I found the number for Vanessa Kosta. She gave me her address and I went on my way. I was received by a beautiful, sexy and smiling girl. She had the nicest apartment. After payment, she pushed me down on the bed ... gave me a few quick tickle kisses ... and began to strip. She found her huge tits and squeezed milk out of the spiky nipples. I could not believe my eyes and sat up in bed. She grinned and pulled my shirt off. Then she began to spray the hot milk over my chest. Sassy. Kissed me and took my cock out ... She got down on all fours and sucked it deep and very wet. I wanted to fuck her now .. grabbed her ass and stuck a finger up. She swallowed my cock completely. Right down the throat. It was an amazing feeling. She looked at me stood up so I could see the huge tits and cock. It was an amazing sight. She gave me a condom on, lay on her back with her legs pulled up so they formed a frame around her tits. I pushed slowly into her tight ass. Slowly at first, but after a short time, I knocked my rock hard cock into her. It was fantastic. She began to spray milk from her tits on me again .. it was more than I could handle. I grabbed her cock and played it on her while I was pumping away in the tight ass. 20 seconds after I exploded I in her ass and she sprays on me and her stomach. I grab her and we hug for a long time smeared in her semen and milk.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes absolutely, and more than that

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Saw no list

Comment to the rating

Huge tits with milk

Time and place of the experience

Berlin 2011

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