Sucking her cock and licking her ass

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I called her when I get off work 00.00 we agreed that I should come in 15min to a 45min apointment, she called me just as I parked my car she gave me instructions which I followed. When I arrived at the room the sight was amazing. This girl is so god damn beautiful, first we talked for about 15 min. then she asked me to take off my clothes and go lay down on the bed, we started with kissing and suddenly I was sucking her cock and licking her ass. Soon we were in 69 position sucking and licking (best experience ever). She put a condom on and asked me to fuck her, we fucked and came pretty fast:P After that we started chatting for about 20 min. and suddenly she crab my dick and asked for a second round(i say yes ofc), I was laying down on the bed and she put her ass on my face and I was licking her ass while she was sucking my dick, she put a finger in my ass I didnt resist, then she asked me "are you ready" - I response ofc then she crab a condom and put it on her dick take lube and rub it on my ass and her dick and then I realize she is about to fuck me, I say slowly its my first time ever. For the first 5 seconds it hurt a little, but then she say to me "just relax baby and enjoy" I did what she told me to do and hell I enjoyed to take her penis in my ass, first she was slow and careful then she started to bang the fuck out off me she came while fucking me and I came too for the second time. After sex we keep chatting and soon I realize that the clock is almost 3.00 at night and I have to leave:) So I pay for 45mins but get almost 3 hours this lovely girl was not in a rush and I will definitely see her again many times!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Hell yes and more then I did even expect!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I´m not sure we did everything + the chat was nice:)

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No she was perfect!

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This girl is just perfect, beautiful, kind and love to talk, great ass and tits, nice dick and asshole was perfect to suck, lick and fuck. Best escort experience I have ever had! Thanks baby and see you soon :*

Time and place of the experience

April 22-23th 2016, Pori, Finland

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*) Angelina is also known as: Vengelina

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