Her cock was delicious to suck

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Jessica Valle

It was easy to make an appointment with her ​​by text and she had time immediately. Easy to find. She met me at the door and we walked into a room and we sorted out the practical things. She looks damm well; delicious breasts, soft skin, pretty face and an amazing soft and round ass! We started to kiss, which she is good at. I must admit that I was incredibly turned on by her, which resulted in that it mostly was me who serviced her - therefore I can not really judge how good she is at sucking cock. But her cock was delicious to suck and her ass was even better. I have no illusion that she enjoyed it, but it felt that way; I licked her for some time while she was on all fours - alternately ass, balls and cock. It tasted great and excited me violently. After a while she asked me to fuck her, but I asked her to fuck me first, which I rarely engage in. Her cock is not huge and I prefer even smaller if I am on the receiving end. She took me in missionary position, so I could enjoy her amazing body and kiss her at the same time. I asked her, at one time to slow down a bit which she did. She massaged my cock as she slid in and out. Subsequently, I was fucking her, first from behind, so I could enjoy the perfect ass again and later in missionary where we alternately played her cock until she came on my stomach. I came deep inside her while I kissed her and felt her cock and cum on my stomach. Afterward, we relaxed, chatted and joked a little.

Did she live up to your expectations?

100% She was mega sexy - she looks really good. She was a bit mechanical in the beginning when she was fucking me, but responded when I asked her to calm down and slow down. The only thing I can put a finger on was that it was incredibly hot in the room; we were both completely drenched in sweat when we had finished.

Time and place of the experience

Frederiksberg, Denmark, September 28, 2014.

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