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Review by: Morten
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I had made ​​an appointment with Jenny. Was let in and explained that I had an appointment with Jenny, and then I was shown into a very small room. Jenny came shortly after we agree on half an hour with a bit of everything for 1000. , She left with the money... and was away for about fifteen minutes. She did come back(finally). During the act, she showed no empathy or desire. I asked her to suck me. This resulted in the worlds shortest blowjob, and then she started jerking me off hard, as she moaned loudly (and clearly fake) . I got her in a 69 so I could try to suck cock for the first time. after less than 5 minutes she started to say "you cum now", When I did not immediately do that she threw herself down on the bed and said, you do it. Cum on my ass. Played a little and then said that I would fuck her. I pressed slowly into her. Then she said "you too big" ... and I'm abslut not particularly well equipped. She threw herself on the bed and said she expected that I jerked off my self. Wanted no more - then said that I could not get off and that we might as well stop. As I stood on the street I could see that including everything (including waiting time) only 25 min had passed. Jenny is super hot. But with such a sad and disinterested experience there is no risk of recurrence.

Did she live up to your expectations?

No, she was tired and disinterested. Yawned loudly during the act, and at some point got down on her stomach and said, "I want to sleep"

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Yes. Her blowjob was very short. I was sucked in less than a minute. Did not look like she wanted to suck.

Comment to the rating

A sad experience with zero empathy from Jenny . She told me that she had not slept for two days: -S The experience was only worth a single star. Jennys looks fully lives up to her pictures, lifting the rating to two stars .

Time and place of the experience

June 2014, Denmark

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