The first time I got it in the butt

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I called Nicole a day when I sat bored late at night. I had looked over her profile and was lured to contact her. Since this was my first encounter with a tranny, I was somewhat nervous.

It started with that I met her at the door. She was sweet and looked just as good as the pictures. She took me into a room where I paid her immediately. She started to kiss and cuddle me standing. I was instantly horny and could feel that I was ready for the meeting with her.

We took my clothes off and got onto the bed. Her lovely cock was already at this time quite hard and she seemed sincere. It started with that I sucked her for 5 minutes time. It made her really horny and she now wanted to suck me. I was just so turned on by it that I was just about to come and had to stop her.

I had actually made ​​up my mind that I would only try and fuck her and not the other way, but because I was so turned on I decided that she should try to fuck me. Since it was the first time I got it in the butt, she had a little difficulty breaking through, it went quietly ahead, after which it succeeded. damm! that was nice.

After I had been fuckedfor 10 minutes, I had become well sore, but also very turned on. Nicole wanted me to fuck her. I did this for approx. 5 minutes, and then I exploded inside her. Then she forced me to stay inside her while I played her cock, and then she came out over her body.

It was truly a wonderful experience. The only drawback is that I think she had bad breath and it was a bit disgusting, therefore I give only 4 stars.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Since this was my first encounter with a tranny, I did not quite know what to expect, but I had lovely 30 min with her ​​and would like to see a shemale again.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got everything.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, Nicole was up for it all.

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen Northwest 14/06-2014.

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