She moaned loudly and was completely wild with lust

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Mistika would soon become my first adventure with a shemale. For me, a feminine look quite so important, but after having 'carefully studied various reviews of Mistika, I felt sure thatI should have my first experience with her. It would prove to be a good choice. I called her one day at the end of July (2015). She was in Germany at the time. Female voice on the phone - and we quickly got an appointment later that day. A little nervous, I arrived at the place where she was - and which incidentally was clean and tidy (but also quite dark). Mistika received me in one of his many naughty outfits. And she is certainly delicious: good ass, great tits and a pretty face. We sat on the bed, and I explained to her that it was the first time (something she had not quite got hold of on the phone). It was no problem for her. A quick shower, and soon I was lying on my stomach on the double bed where the session was to take place. We had pretty much only agreed that Mistika should start with a massage for me. But Mistika have a good intuition and managed to read me perfectly. As soon as she was well on the way she started to give me black kiss (something that really turns her on) and she - still wearing his outfit - lay on top of me full length. Lovely. Then she whispered the magic words silently in my ear: "Can I fuck you?" She did not have to ask about that two times. I nodded and had pretty much expected that there would be a pause while she came out of her outfit. But quickly she had wrapped up the minimalist g-string panties, put on a condom on and lubricated my tight virgin butt. After this she drove her rock hard flagpole up in one quick trip up between the buttocks and then directly into the hole. The first 5 cm went fine (but still came as a surprise because it happened so quickly). Then there was a short sharp pain. Mistika therefore took a short break and then went on again. In under 10 seconds, she had driven the bandit in fully and I was now impaled with her whole body resting on me. Perfect.

Mistika now started to fuck me hard and soft, fast and slow - a really good mix. She obviously likes to be dominant and controlling in bed - which suited me fine since I was a total novice. Not a position remained untested and as Mistika took me in the missionary position, she was not afraid to tongue kiss. There were several times where she was trembling all over the body when she drove the stick all the way down. She was super horny. I chose to come back the day after. The session took place roughly the same as the day before. This day she gave me, black kisses for at least 10 minutes - a rather special experience. Again delivered Mistika was rock hard for at least 20-25 minutes. At one point, I lay back on my stomach while she after a short break (and condom change) stuck her equipment COMPLETELY in in one long smooth motion. She moaned loudly and was completely wild with lust. Leaned over me and kissed and bit me in my left ear, while she gasped: "Your ass feels so good ..." A few "practical" details: • Mistika's pendant is not quite the 20cm she advertises ( do not bother me as they 15-16cm she has after all, are plentiful especially because she is rock hard from start to finish ...). • Mistika is glued to her mobile phone - and this was sometimes a bit annoying during the session. • On the second day she gets hold of that I would want to have her to finish by providing cum. It causes her to stop abruptly (while she fucked me) and demand that I should pay her € 50, - (she had not mentioned anything about this additional cost in advance). It sort of ruined the mood that I had to find my money in the midst of it all (could ha 'been handled a little more professionally on her side). • Mistika speaks Good English.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes. She read me perfectly. She is super sexy. Very wild and dominant (but actually also loving) in bed.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I do not know. I think Mistika is open for almost anything.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I did everything I could think of (but did not ask for anything special - I let her take care of the "program").

Comment to the rating

A good experience. She is of course quite wild in bed.

Time and place of the experience

Germany. End of July (2015).

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