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Review by: Locosueco
Published: 1417046327000
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I went to Copenhagen a Wednesday lunch after an appointment with Mistika. When I arrived, she had mixed up my time with someone else so I had to wait a bit. She rang up almost immediately and apologized. She let me in his apartment which was clean. I was really nervous but she took it easy and I was at ease. After we figured out what I wanted, I began to suck her cock, however, it is not as big as it is described but totally okay and fit well in my ass. We kissed a lot and after a while she bends my legs over my head and slowly move her cock inside me. It hurts at first but the pain soon turns into pleasure. She fucks me slow and fast, hard and soft in a delightful mix. In the end, I can not hold out anymore so I came on my stomach.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yeah, she looks like the pictures and has lovely outfits. Lovely tits and but implants, she really is feminine and is slightly taller than I thought. She wanted to lick my ass and suck my cock but could not because then I would come early. Calm and very service minded.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got everything I wanted

Comment to the rating

She did a wonderful job and was very service-minded

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