Fucked me harder and harder

Review by: Troy
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Bianka Nascimento

Been waiting to see Bianka for ages. Finally she came to London and I booked to see her in Chelsea Cloisters. Nice clean apartment. Bianka was as sexy as her photos and videos suggest. A lot taller than I was expecting but that's only a positive in my book. Greeted with a passionate French kiss and offered a shower which I took. Once naked and on the bed together she started oral on me and was very good at it. Had to pull her head away to stop the appointment ending very early. It was my turn. Her cock was only semi hard if that at this point so got that lovely sensation of feeling her get hard in my mouth. A bout of 69ing for the next 10-15 mins and she enjoyed making me gag on her hard cock. Again I had to stop and slow down so asked her to fuck me. She was gentle at first but fucked me harder and harder. Was still tender a good few days later. After about 10 mins she rubbered me up and climbed onto me. This was where the disappointment started as she seemed determined to make me cum. And she succeeded as I filled the condom while still in her gorgeous arse. Although sexy it was too early and I had wanted to cum with her cock in me. So half an hour in she made it clear it was over with the offer of another shower. Second disappointment was I wanted her to cum in my mouth but that wasn't going to happen. It was a sexy half hour but I had hoped for a VERY sexy hour!! Gutted I didn't get her to cum in my mouth and me to cum whilst she fucked me. My fault to some degree for not making it more clear maybe.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She is incredibly sexy and a lovely person but did feel a bit rushed.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No think everything was available just didn't get full hour.

Comment to the rating

Would have been perfect with those finishes I wanted.

Time and place of the experience

Chelsea Cloisters, London. 3pm 28th October

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