My whole body lifting from her strong thrusts

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Sabrin Rose

Sabrin was in London early 2014. I visited her after work one evening. She opened the door looking tall and stunning. We chatted a little then I lay on the bed face down naked. She massaged me for a bit then climbed on top of me rubbing her hardening cock against my pert butt. She told me to get on all fours and I asked her to go slow so she did, very slow to start. Gradually she sped up but I found it difficult to take because she was so hard and big for my size. She was the pleasure of my pain and controlled me expertly. I asked her to turn me over and she did so while still deep inside. She then fucked me like a doll with my whole body lifting from her strong thrusts. I came after a short time and she tickled my aching balls while waiting for me to finish coming. Sabrin liked that I was so clean when she pulled out and disposed of the condom but she seem to want more although was too polite and kind to ask. We talked some more about Natasha atlas and I left with the intention of returning. Sadly Sabrin left the country a few days later but not before saying she wanted to rim my clean ass. The thought makes my pre cum appear.

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Sabrin surpassed all expectations. She is exceptional

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Attitude was wonderful. Sort of person I would want to see every day.

Time and place of the experience

About March 2014 in Chelsea, London, UK

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Sabrin Rose*)

Is in: Tel Aviv (תל אביב-יפו), Israel
Latest of 1 reviews: My whole body lifting from her strong thrusts

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*) Sabrin Rose is also known as: Sabrin Cox, Sabrina Koks and Rose Ameber

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