Pushed her big cock in my ass

Review by: Leonardo
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I arrived at the door and Katy opened. She looked like the pictures, maybe a little taller than expected. She was dressed in sexy lingerie and high heels. She greeted me with french kisses and grabbed my swelling cock outside my jeans, and I reach for her big cock that was already hard. I undressed and we got in a 69 and she thrusted her big cock down my throat, which I loved. After a while she ordered me in doggy position and she pushed her big cock in my ass. Yes, it did hurt, but I love it that way and she fucked me hard like I was her bitch. After that she pulled her cock out and shot her load in my open mouth while I made myself come.

Afterwards she gave me a nice massage.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes she did, beautiful and friendly.

Time and place of the experience

Stockholm, September 2015.

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Latest of 1 reviews: Pushed her big cock in my ass

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*) Katy is also known as: Nayala

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