Was NOT something to write home about

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Nicole Pitty

I visited Nicole at night at . 21.50 . I had called her and asked what she offered, but she was more preoccupied with whether it was 30, or 60 min. She said she offered it all, so I decided to pay for an hour. She sent me her address and when I arrived, the door was opened by someone else who just gave me her hand, and then I was shown in a small room where Nicole was waiting.

The first thing she asked was "one hour". I should have heared the alarm bells ringing at this point. The actual experience was NOT something to write home about. She could not get a proper hard on, this was something that would go fast. When she finally began to fuck me ( 22 cm ... NO WAY ).

Whether she came very quickly or if she could not keep the erection is unknown. The bottom line is: stay away from her, a waste of money from what I paid her 2000 DKK and I was there exactly 30 minutes ... it was so missarable, i know this may sound very hard ...

Did she live up to your expectations?

Have tried some shemales and she is all things considered, probably the worst I've tried. She is not honest. As I said , her cock is not at all hard. As I drove away, I felt damn bad, 2000 DKK right out the window .

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Odense, Tuesday 25 February 2014 kl. 21.50. DenmaRK

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Nicole Pitty*)

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Latest of 2 reviews: Was NOT something to write home about

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*) Nicole Pitty is also known as: María Victoria, Maria Vittoria and Bubu

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