I received her delicious pee in mouth and face

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Published: 1413801562000
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Rocío Monroe

The day before I had planned to visit her, I drove past on my way home from another errand, just to see that it was her and not a fake. It was her and she fully lives up to the stunning photos, just more sexy and delicious in fact. As an added bonus, she has a very naughty and delicious voice. She's so sexy and beautiful appearance. Big surprise. We agreed I should come the next day at 14:00. I did, but I had noticed that she was not so good at English, so I had using google translate in Spanish written what I wanted on a piece paper. She understood it all, no misunderstandings or explanations. I would, among other things like that she posed with cigarettes. It was met with full understanding and desire. I had brought a package 120 EVE for that purpose. She totaly understood my fetish. SMOKING FETISH.

She is so beautiful I was sent in the shower, she came in and of course with a lit cigarette and started very bold to put a very strong and nice make-up on. It featured her beauty further. I stood in the shower and enjoyed the view. Then she took another cigarette she began in the hottest and most sympathetic way to pose for me. So beautiful and delicious with a long cigarette and long nails, heavy makeup and high heels. Heavenly beautiful. I love it. There after we went into the bedroom where I was ordered on my knees and was told to suck her delicious nipples and her big cock. It quickly became big and hard.

She began to mouth fuck me hard and good as I had requested. Fucked my face long and hard several times we came close to the point where I threw up. She has a really good feel for what she does. She pulled me into the bathroom where I received her delicious pee in the mouth and face. What I also wished I would lick her delicious ass pussy, love this. Afterwards it was down on all fours, she thrust her cock into me and started to fuck me. She fucked hard and well, more and more hard. She's good, I was turned onto my back, my legs were bent back so they lay on her shoulders and she started to fuck my ass so hard, very hard and delicious. Her beautiful face was changing to an aggressive and an extra beautiful expression. She grabbed my neck with one hand, whacked me a lot of slaps with the other spat in my face and spoke degrading in great Spanish to her "slut". All the while she violently fucked me thoroughly and game hard ... She is talented and very beautiful. I got a really good dick. I was raped. That's what I asked for. With a firm hand put me right so I could receive her delicious cum in mouth and face, I even sprayed at this moment. I was sent in the shower again and afterwards we "talked" together using an iphone with translate. She had absolutely no hurry to get me kicked out. She is so sweet, beautiful and loving, I mean not just to look at. I will definitely come back to her and to give her the best recommendations. Hope she comes back soon
My best sexual experience.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes everything was settled and much more. Got everything and much more. Good empathy and understanding.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes got in abundance. Her gracious beauty and sexy attitude and good understanding

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

NO. NO Not at all

Comment to the rating

Can only give 5 stars. She should have 10 stars

Time and place of the experience

Mollerup D. 20-09-2014

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