Slid that delightful cock in my watering mouth

Review by: Tommyjojo
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I met with Serena around 18 months ago in Liverpool St. Not my first TS but definitely my best. The start was the only downside, upon walking in we exchanged money and she then ushered me into a room and went off to another. She was probably gone for 5 mins, whether this was to freshen up or not I don't know, but as there are a lot of horror stories out there it did begin to worry me after a few mins. However it did also heighten the excitement when she finally came back in a sexy leather outfit and thong, with that huge bulge bursting out. I opted for the domination, where she showed me to my knees and grabbing the back of my head "suffocated" me with her amazing thing clad package. She slid the thing to one side, grabbed my hair to put my head back and slid that delightful cock in my watering mouth. As it grew garder she forced it deeper until I was depth roaring like a pro! She then proceed Ed to drag me to bed where she sat on my face and rode it like she was breaking a colt! I was intoxicated by her. She took me back and took my throbbing cock in her mouth, telling how this how it is done!!! We tried doggy but she was just TOO BIG! So she laid back and pulled me toward her, guiding me on top off and slowly I lowered myself down on to her ever hard beast. As I loosened up she began to fuck me, grabbing and slapping my arse, all the while with one hand lubed hand on my cock. I couldn't take anymore and exploded all over flat stomach and giant tits! She forced me back to the floor and shoved herself back in my mouth, I went to work hard to please as she had me, she finally pull out and burst all over my chest. Another slight downside was upon finish, no shower, just wipes, but she was courtiers and chatted, no quick ushering out the door. Had I been Ina better financial position I would returned daily! If not weekly!!! A real shame I never got to see her again, by the time I had the cash she had moved away for a while. Mad shame!!!

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Only lost one star for the worry at the beginning and the none shower(I had to take the tube back and was worried all the way that some of her juice was left on me.

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Liverpool St. London, September 2013.

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*) Serena is also known as: Kamilla

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