My cries were muted by the gag

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Madame Dita

I travelled into Stockholm late one evening and Madam Dita was very understanding and accommodating. We had been conversing via email prior to the appointment so I was fully aware that Madam Dita was dominant and exactly what I was looking for. On entering her apartment, I was made to undress and present myself at her feet, which I dutifully complied, presenting my naked body to her. Madam Dita requested that I start to show my appreciation by worshipping her beautifully clad feet and kiss her shoes and up her thighs. I found this very erotic and started to dribble precum onto the floor. This didn't endear me to Madam and she punished me swiftly and sharply. After showing her my reverence I was made to face away from her on my knees and she put a collar on me together with a ball gag. Whilst I have had some experience, I am still very tight and Madam Dita start to toy my ass to open me up. It was painful, but my cries were muted by the gag. She continued to stretch me in anticipation of pushing her big cock in me. Once Madam Dita was ready to fill my ass with her cock, she lubed me up and slipped her covered cock inside me. Madam Dita then spent the next while amusing herself by fucking me. When ready to come she slipped the cover off, turned me around and filled my mouth with her sweet cum. I was then allowed to relieve myself and was then showed to the bathroom to clean myself up. When leaving, Madam Dita suggested I stretch my ass a bit before returning as she has a surprise for me. I cannot wait to see her again and receive my surprise.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Absolutely - as agreed before meeting.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

There was no clock watching. I was there to pleasure her and she made the most of me.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not at all - everything was very clear

Comment to the rating

Fantastic time - I really believe Madam Dita was satisfied with my efforts.

Time and place of the experience

Her apartment, Aug 2015 Stockholm

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Madame Dita*)

Is in: Stockholm, Sweden
Latest of 5 reviews: She emptied her cum into my eager mouth

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*) Madame Dita is also known as: Madame TS

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