Kissing me so fucking passionately.

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Ana Mason

When I stumbled across her add on backpage she immediately recommended to read her reviews here. Very well put, because she added the question "trust issues?" As I do have trust issues since I've met quite a few shady trannies here in Brisbane. As her reviews were convincing, I gave her a call and was very pleased by her voice and kindness. We met shortly after. She stays in a very safe environment and absolute gorgeous apartment. When I got to the door she was already waiting for me, dressed very sexy in a hot black dress basically showing off her goodies. A big smile and a very welcoming kiss I knew we were off to a good start. She showed me around, changed hands and I got in the shower. She waited on me at the bedroom entrance, kissed me and pushed me up against the wall, kissing me so fucking passionately. Then she threw me on the bed and started to strip the layers off, revealing her goregous boobs and a very hard perfect cock. Nice, good size and not too big, but I tell you, what she lacks in size she makes up for in knowing how to use it! She kept teasing me, holding my hands off her body while she sat on top of me and kissing me crazy. She's not just into it, she's craving every part of it herself. Then she went down my body, kissing every part from my body till she played with my cock all this while still holding my hands! she started sucking me and deep down her throat. I had to beg her to stop or I was gonna blow. She just looked at me and said, then blow. You can cum a s much as you want baby. Then she let me go and started to shove her cock down my throat. She facefucked me for a long time, suddenly pulled back and demanded me to turn around. She literally ate my ass. Asked me if I was ready for a solid fucking, pinned me down and got ready. As she entered it hurt at first, but slowly the pain went away. after that she became a monster. She fucked me in every position imaginable and banged my ass deep and hard. She knows how to fuck you and fuck you long and hard. It was so good I was sore the next day. After a good half hour of fucking she came in my mouth and I tasted her cum. Not much but so worth it. I came straight after that all over myself and her ass. After it all, we chatted, hugged and kissed a long time before she sent me off on my way again. This is truly, my best experience I had in a very very long time!

Did she live up to your expectations?

I couldn't have expected this. She threw me off by her innocent looks and even though I read her reviews, never imagined she would bang me that hard and long! Serious stamina!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I think I got it all and got it good!

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

read well and tell me what you think ;)

Comment to the rating

Damn little lady! You may look all sweet and innocent but you're a monster in disguise!

Time and place of the experience

Brisbane at her place Friday night

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Ana Mason

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