my Hard throbbing cock slid into her hot tight ass

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Ana Mason

After talking with Ana on the phone I was already horny. Finally I arrived at Ana's Appartment after driving through stressfull traffic, to be greeted by her amazing beauty. She was wearing a sexy dress ,and stay up stockings as per my phone request, although I was wearing dusty work clothes she still did not hesitate to offer passionate kissing, I reached down to feel her hard she-cock through her panties making my cock get hard in my pants. I jumped in the shower washing myself down ,and lathering up and stroking my hard cock in the open shower as she stood at the door talking. could not dry myself quick enough, then we proceeded to the bed, and was so desperate to suck her perfect sized circumcised she-cock she responded by getting even harder, as I sucked her delicious she -cock, we then went to 69 where she easily took my hard cock in her mouth. After a few minutes I requested to want to fuck her hot bubble ass. She rolled a condom on lubed up her delicious ass, and my Hard throbbing cock slid into her hot tight ass, this was with her riding me so we could kiss ,and lock in each others eyes, while switching to suck on her big breasts. I was so horny ,and requested that she fuck me, Ana entered me with her perfect sized she-cock which is rather large, she continued pounding my tight butt with my legs over her sholders in the missionary position, as i wanked my hard cock, it felt great after my ass got use to her big she-cock. I requested to cum on her face, and breasts, which she allowed without any problem. After I sucked her she-cock some more, she was even able to cum a bit in my mouth, it was so delicious. After we talked and had a short wash , then we went for round two of some delicious cock sucking, with me finishing off cumming a huge load over her hard she-cock, follwed by rubbing our hot cocks together. In no way do you feel depressed after the experience, she leaves even the most prettiest of Females for dead. Kind friendly ,and intelligent if there were more girls like Ana the world would be a nicer place for us men.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She went far beyond expectations

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes even got a little she cum

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, She is 101 percent into Mens Satisfaction

Comment to the rating

She is a gem in a rotten world

Time and place of the experience

evening early december 2015

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Ana Mason

Is in: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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