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Ana Mason

I found myself transiting in Singapore for almost a full day. Wandering what to do I came across Ana's profile while searching for something special to occupy myself. I was looking specifically for someone like Ana not just for a wonderful sexual experience but to help me with my personal transgender/transsexual issues. When I arrived at Ana’s room the welcome was wonderful, while I have been with transgender escorts before nothing was as inviting and sexy as Ana’s. She is an extremely beautiful women which is such an experience to see when the door is opened. Almost straight away we began playing, this was only possible because Ana is so relaxed comfortable and confident about herself which draws others toward her, because of her great attitude I felt really comfortable which translates into a much much better experience. The sex was great, better than I have had with other escorts. Ana is a very genuine and naturally sensual person, it is not just turned on for the “show” it is her this is why the sex was great and because she works so hard to make your experience wonderful for you!!!! I don’t need to go into the details because they are ours, but she does everything she promises in her profile for me, however, the real surprise and truly great experience was what happened afterwards. I suppose you might call it the ‘girlfriend’ experience, it was the sharing of her time going out to eat and shopping (all at her suggestion). During this time we were able to talk and for the first time I could openly share my own little secret, my cross-dressing and my fondness for feeling femmine and being a women. She was never judgemental particularly as there is a 30 year age difference, she shared her experiences and gave me some wonderful advice which I has lifted my spirits and greatly improved my confidence and determination to follow my desires. Ana is a truly beautiful person from my experience with her I know your experience will be truly great, just call her!!!!

Did she live up to your expectations?

I took my time to choose Ana looking at a number of her profiles in various locations so I had reasonably high expectations. My expectations were realised and more. Not only did we enjoy ourselves in her room but we also spent the afternoon shopping which was a true joy. She is an incredible, indulgent and genuine companion!!!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

After a great time in her room we when on an unplanned shopping and eating expedition at her suggestion. This was not part of my plans nor really on the menu and meant a lot to me!!!

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Ana is a sensitive and sensual person and knows how to judge and please the person she is with for this reason nothing was denied. Anyhow her profile is extremely professional and explicit so there was nothing that that I Could have really thought of that she hadn't already described in her profile.

Comment to the rating

I have had experiences with transgender escorts however my experience with Ana was, for me, truly unique and that is entirely due to Ana's beautiful personality and this quality is very important for me which is why I have given her 5 stars.

Time and place of the experience

Afternoon of 28th January 2016, Hotel, Singapore.

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