Giving her oral and rimming her as well

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Ana Mason

I had contacted her earlier in the week to tentatively set a date which she kept to when the time came. I was a bit later than I had promised but she understood and was very accommodating. I should start by saying that this was totally a first time for me and she was very understanding. She greeted me at the door looking incredible - heels, corset, nylons, and a cute pair of panties barely keeping her cock contained - and immediately set me at ease. We got right into some passionate kissing and then she got me undressed and onto the bed. She took cues from me and things progressed pretty quick and before I knew it I was doing things that i'd never thought I'd do including giving her oral and rimming her as well. She really seemed to be enjoying herself too which was fantastic for me as I was pretty nervous. The passive option for me didn't quite work out as I'd hoped but she took it all in stride and so I entered her in various positions which was all incredible. Afterwards we chatted for quite a while which was really easy and not forced or fake at all. She offered a second go but I was (happily) done.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She truly exceeded all my expectations. She was even more beautiful in person then her pictures and her attitude was as she indicates on her ads - not just empty words.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Well, maybe kind of quirky but I have a thing for glossy lips. Her pics all show her beautiful lips with lipstick but, for practical reasons, she wasn't wearing any for the session. So part way through I asked if she'd mind putting some on...and let me enter her from behind while she did. She smiled and said, "well that's a first" but did it no problem. Obviously not an outrageous request, but the fact that she did it without question was really nice and she didn't make me feel weird about it.

Comment to the rating

I can't possibly imagine a better first time experience. She is gorgeous, fun, and totally into what she's doing. I would (and hopefully will) spend time with her a heartbeat.

Time and place of the experience

Sydney, November 15, early afternoon

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Ana Mason

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