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Ana Mason

Ana came to meet me at my hotel in Amsterdam. She explained very well that she had to travel so we made the appointment in advance. She had some troubles with the train arriving in Amsterdam but she kept me posted, sincerely because she didn't want to be late or upset me. Eventually she arrived at the hotel 10 minutes late. Beautifully and classy dressed, if you see her you'd think she's a stylish woman, so the fact that she is very discrete pleased me. I booked her for 2 hours and the first hour we spend in the hotel bars, just talking and she teases a lot. Her eyes look right through you, she's a real beauty and even better looking than in the pictures. And really, nobody noticed she's a shemale. After a while we went to my room and she asked politely if she could freshen up and she did. Came out in sexy lingerie, smiling asking if she looked good for me. I just pulled her on the bed. We started kissing and touching, all very soft, those breasts are really natural, I know how silicone feels like and she has a very nice hand full of soft and bouncy tits. What a turn on! she took off her underwear and there was this nice straight dick, cut, not too big but a very nice size. It was the first time for me so I was very nervous, but she did every trick in the book to please me. We ended up only sucking each other and tenderly kissing and hugging. It was a perfect first time. I think she's a true gem and next time I'm visiting Amsterdam I will call her to do more.

Did she live up to your expectations?

I didn't know what to expect at all since it was my first time, but what I got was more than enough. And she's actually a nice person and very pretty.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

We kept it light but I didn't want to fuck or get fucked. She asked, but I told her it was fine just like that.

Comment to the rating

I made a perfect choice for my first time. Classy lady to get a drink or go out to eat, smart, good conversations and I got what I wanted. Kisses soft, blowjob was perfect..... Left me wanting more...

Time and place of the experience

last week of september 2014 in Amsterdam

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Ana Mason

Is in: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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