She fucked me in the mouth

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Letizia Olivera

I came in and she asked me to undress and put me on my knees in front of her. Then she closed my eyes with one hand and with the other she pulled the panties off so her cock jumped out in my face. She hit me with her cock in the face and forced my mouth open and pushed her cock in, it was wildly sexy. She fucked me in the mouth for a while I gaggede several times because it is very large. Then she said I had to put me on the bed with my head over the edge so she could get to deepthroating me which of course I did gladly. And then I got her cock deep into the throat. She enjoyed to push it down and while she did this I finger fucked her delicious ass. After a while she came with a huge charge so it came out of my nose, it was so wild that I myself came and splashed up on her, which I was asked to lick off. It was a super naughty experience. The experience in Haverslev were less intense but almost a repeat, hope she comes to Denmark again soon.

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did not ask

Time and place of the experience

2014 once Haverslev and once in Mollerup

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*) Letizia Olivera es también conocido como: Leticia y Letisia

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