It must be very old pictures

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I called there and got the address and was told that I had to call again 15 minutes before I arrived. I did so and was then told to call again when I stood in front of the front door. There I called then 3 times, but it was not answered. 5 min. later came a text message that said "she" was delayed due to traffic and that it would take another half hour. I wrote back that I would then cancel the appointment. "She' phoned and persuaded me to wait. Half an hour later I called again and said that I stood in front of the front door. It was not the right front door , the number she had sent was wrong. I was routed to the correct address and was let in. I have to say that "she" did not live up to the images that are on her profile, it must be very old pictures or of another who resembles her a little , and do not know how it's made, but her dick is not that big in reality. I paid 1000 for an hour but only got half the time. Definitely not a place I would visit again.

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Definitely not a place I would visit again.

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2014 Copenhagen, Denmark

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