A proper charge that filled my mouth!

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Amanda Ferrari

Knocked on the door and WAUW there she was ... tall, slim , big perfect breasts, kissed me gently and beckoned me inside . The room was quite ok and when I had gotten comfortable , she stepped in, Amanda ... came over to me , kissed me , pinched my nipples , biting them and immediately caught my dick with this treatment ... she started playing with her ​​dick while I was hungry on the bed and then she got it out right in front of my hungry mouth ..., she grabs my neck and asks me to open my mouth and lick her ... mums a nice cock. It grew the last piece to the approximately 18 cm and she began to mouth fuck me so I got it deep in the throat and got the nice well-known sense of tears in his eyes and the sweet lovely pain of a big dick that is just rammed deep in your throat.

I looked into her big beautiful brown eyes and could see she liked to fuck my neck ... Suddenly she pulls his cock out and ask me to open my mouth wide open and she pulls my dick out with her beautiful fingers and hold it while she with a glorious scream squirts her entire load into my mouth . A proper load that filled my mouth!

She closed my mouth and kissed it and asked me to swallow as she grabbed my cock and played it .. I sank every drop and we tongue kissed until I came by her milking movements ... uhhhh she said, and she led then her beautiful hand up to my mouth and I was licking my own juices ... As commanded then done.

She laughed sweetly and we stood and kissed a little , talked and she was already hard again! Unfortunately time was over and I was going on ... but precisely a wonderful , wonderful experience with one, in my eyes , perfect
shemale beauty ... Wow !

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes absolutely , she probably had the most beautiful breasts I've seen and her full lips were beautiful to kiss ...

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Hmmm, yes - she understood that she was to be dominant and she did wonderfull ...

Comment to the rating

Only 4 stars since I'm tired of ugly surroundings of beautiful shemales ...

Time and place of the experience

22 October 2013.

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