Made it in to some delicate footage

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Miss Pipetten International MPI: After recently meeting in Switzerland I wanted to date MPI again which we agreed on to be in Berlin. Hardly arrived in the city centre before Sabrina suggested to see her in her flat. Following the sweetest welcome and looking breathtakingly awesome she seductively re-took me to nine. Of course she is a pro and does enjoy herself. Bringing her own lubricant reflecting her most colourful fantasies she wanted me to take her. So I did... Time with her flies by like nothing, it is just extraordinarily nice! She did the same with me, and I am afraid that made it in to some delicate footage. yes, she is the director... Sabrina felt for a break promising to return, so we got together again later that night continuing on cloud nine in variations including “socking“ a smoke detector. She undoubtly is a new level and dimension and I look forward to taking this further and meet again soon. Yeah MPI, cheers!

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Late Dec 2015, Berlin

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