Went on all four and asked me to lick her from behind

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I was in Tallinn (Estonia) on business. I had whole night for myself, so I went searching various webpages for some entertainment. I stumbled upon a hot Brazilian shemale among all the girls. Damn she looked good.

I called her and it turned out that she stayed only a 10 minute walk from my hotel, so I went to visit her. The price was 200 € for an hour everything included. A hot "girl" opened the door. Damn, she was hot and she knew how to speak English very good.

We got out of the clothes and she went on all four and asked me to lick her from behind, switching between her ass and her huge cock. I have to say that the profile images are misleading. She is at least as well equipped as Ellen in Copenhagen. And I've tried them both several times. Super experience where she first fucked me until everything went black before my eyes.

Then she did something super sexy - as she fucked me in missionary, she went down on me sucking my cock at the same time. Fuck it was good. How the heck she could bend in this way is beyond my imagination - my dick is not THAT long... This position continued until I came in her mouth. When she was ready she pulled of the condom and came over my face and in my mouth.

After a short break and a bath we chatted about this and that. When I thought the time was up and, she asked, "are you ready to get some more cock?" ... Eh, yes - you don't have to ask me twice. She fucked me again, and finally I had to stop her, because I was afraid to split in two.

Great experience. Damn she is naughty. She tongue kisses, gave black kiss both ways, mega French and all. Super experience.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, she was even cool about me recording next session on video, if I wanted to.

Time and place of the experience

Tallinn in Estonia, 2014.

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