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Nina Brasil

I just gave her a call and asked if she could meet me in 10 minutes since I was near her apartment and had caught the address days earlier! She was doing shopping and she asked me if I was paying her 2500DKK for a full hour and if it could wait for 10 minutes, then the answer was yes!I!

I waited and it took something more than 10 minutes but she arrived beautiful and radiant! We went up together to her apartment that was very clean and located in Vesterbrogade only a few minutes from the Central Station. As I had already read before she charges in advance and she did!

In a few touches, she was already extremely excited with her big hard cock! She made me suck it, and she loves when you deep throat her cock. She fucked me in minimum 3 different positions. In the end I asked her to cum, she charges extra 500DKK (she already had informed me by phone) and I paid! Oh my God it was wonderful she filled my mouth and I swallowed her cum without wasting even a drop ;-)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes she did! First because I read in previous reviews that it was TV and as I met her at the door of the building I saw that she was a beautiful Ts in full daylight and not the half-light of the room! Second because her cock is as big as in the pictures!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes I did :-) I helped her go up with bags of shopping, she offered to get me a beer and then 2 more! She told me that she normally does not offer drinks to guests but as I was a gentleman I deserved it! Pretty cool from her!

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Yes. I had previously asked if she kissed and she said yes. In our meeting she did not kiss me, after a few tries and she dodging, I asked why and she said that my mouth was smelling onions! It was less than half an hour since I had eaten at Mc'Donalds .... My fault ;-(

Comment to the rating

5 stars because she is professional. She provides a service at her price, which is not cheap but if you agree to pay you get exactly what you paid for!

Time and place of the experience

Sat 3 May 2014 - Copenhagen

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