Gave me the monster from behind until everything went black before my eyes

Review by: Fynboen
Published: 1379784540000
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Alexia Laurent

I met Alexia during a business trip in England in late 2011. I called and got a deal in place - she spoke fine English (but is from South America). Values ​​of approx. 150 pounds, I accepted with the condition to get a full hour with everything.

Alexia looks like in the pictures if not better ... and there she is really sweet and makes you feel really welcome.

I was allowed to take a bath before we got started. Back in her bedroom was we sucked and tongue kissed for a long time and began quietly touching bottom. And her dick is so big and bold. Then she sucked cock on me for a while, then I got her monster in my mouth. So I asked her to fuck me gently. She took the condom on and used a big dollop of lube. After a little finger penetrated me I got the whole thing into me in the missionary and she fucked me faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Then she rolled me on all fours and gave me the monster from behind until everything went black before my eyes.

When she was about to come she knocked on my side and played dick until she came out over my face. Then she sucked me and played dick on me until I came.

Thumbs up for Alexia here!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, if the urge strikes, I would not hesitate to go to her again!

Comment to the rating

Being with Alexia is one of the hottest I have ever tried - so clear 5 stars from me.

Time and place of the experience

England in late 2011.

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