She is dominant and passionate

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I met her at a nice clean hotel room. She greeted me naked with only a towel covering her dick. She look a bit older than the pics and has a few scars(probably from plastic surgery) that do not show in the pics. She has a very thick and large dick. I paid upfront and undressed myself, she immediately grab my hair and let me suck her boobs and dick. She is quite dominat. After some wet kissing and sucking her dick, she told me to lay on the floor and fucked me. However her dick is too large for me to handle. I couldn't take much and had to ask her to stop. Then we kissed and stroked each others dicks for a while. She insisted to fuck me again. This time was better though not for long and had to stop. Then I cum on her belly. She was patient and didn't rush. I had a full hour session.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes. Her dick is exactly like that in the pics and get hard all the time.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

No, didn't ask.

Comment to the rating

She is dominant and passionate. Although her dick is too large for me to handle.

Time and place of the experience

December in Hong Kong 2015

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Is in: Barcelona, Spain
Latest of 2 reviews: Great looking, but too dominant for me

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*) Angelique is also known as: Gigi

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