literally filled my mouth with cum

Review by: Maninneed
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Where do I start!? You can scroll through the lists of of TS girls on the net in Helsinki...*its ALL F**KING CRAP* and no doubt find a good time but if you haven't spent and hour or two with Nikki then you are really missing out. This TS Girl is head and shoulders above all the other options on the net, from the minute you call her, her intelligence, organisation and professionalism shines through. When Nikki got out of her car at my house exactly on time and I peeped through the window at her long gorgeous legs swinging out of the TAXI, for a moment I wondered if I had actually called a ' call girl ' by mistake!

This TS is unbelievably effeminate. We sat and chatted for a while and Nikki immediately relaxed me, had I not been so, so turned on I could have easily chatted for ages with her. Nikki is strict about the condition of the environment she meets clients in and won't come to a dirty or sub standard dwelling. If your house is a mess then book a hotel room. I cleaned my place up and changed sheets before hand and I respect her standards, when you get to undress her you will see why. I might add here that I have travelled around the world dozens of time times and met, unashamedly with TS girls on the way, never had I bothered to write a review, as quite frankly I didn't feel the need; until this doll.

Nikki is so woman it blows your mind right up until the panties come off! I'm not a bum tasting guy per se but after feeling the tautness and smoothness of Nikkis skin I capitulated and used my tounge on her very, very tight bum ........ Clean and delicious, this TS is exceptional. I mentioned to her that I liked gagging and Nikki obliged by making me gagg and then removing the rubber and after asking if it was ok, literally filled my mouth with cum then the rest on my face, serious turn on and trust me this doll is 100% sexually safe and savvy, her photos are all real and she is better in the flesh. Enjoy boys don't miss out..... That's it just wanted to give any fellow Ts lovers heads up on this little gem before she is snapped up and married. X you Nikki great job MANUEL.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Niki you are absolutely an eye and mouth candy

Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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Finland mid June 2014

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